NB-MAP helps employers across all business sectors and organized labour develop learning cultures in their respective workplaces by increasing the quality of training and knowledge transfer for mentees, offering teaching and coaching assistance to mentors, and providing tools for senior staff to continually support on-the-job learning.

NB-MAP recognizes that no two workplaces are the same, so we provide customizable workforce and human resource change management solutions for employers through effective mentorship strategies.


NB-MAP (New Brunswick Mentor Apprentice Program) is a non-profit organization developed by the New Brunswick Building Trades Unions (NBBTU), in cooperation with the Government of New Brunswick (GNB), providing workforce solutions and human resource change management to the building trades.

The NBBTU recognized that as a result of attrition due to retirements, the time was right to try a new approach to training and engaging construction workers, through the delivery of an apprentice mentoring program called NB-MAP. NB-MAP helps employers develop a learning culture in their workplace, increasing the quality of training and knowledge transfer for apprentices, providing teaching and coaching supports to journeypersons, and tools for supervisors to continually support on-the-job learning.


We work with our clients to bring true organizational change through professional development, and the creation of an in-house learning culture.


Our clients are forward-thinking employers and educational institutions of skilled tradespeople that understand the necessity of cultivating the next generation of the trades workforce.


We provide a suite of training courses and customized solutions to help our clients create and maintain an in-house mentorship program. Click here to find out why we focus on mentorship as a way to create organizational change.


Based in New Brunswick, we work with clients right across Canada. Although we started in the construction sector, our mentorship program is customizable to any workplace where effective mentorship and on-the-job learning skills are required. Our curriculum is available in both official languages and is designed to be applicable in both unionized and non-unionized environments.