Did you know that there are many pathways to start an apprenticeship? In New Brunswick you may enter through pre-apprenticeship, direct entry apprenticeship, or pre-employment.

Pre-apprenticeship is available to high school students. By choosing this pathway, students may get hours credited towards an apprenticeship before they even graduate. Credit is now given for time obtained in high school shop classes, co-op placements, and summer work terms.
After high school graduation, students may choose a direct entry in an apprenticeship by finding an employer sponsor. The employer chosen must have a Red Seal in your specific trade who is available to mentor you throughout your apprenticeship.

Another way to enter an apprenticeship is to attend a pre-employment course. This is the route many graduates chose to get a better understanding of a trade before searching for employment. If your skills are limited in the field you are interested in, this pathway is sure to prepare you for the workforce.

Trades workers are in demand, and an apprenticeship will lead you to Red Seal certification in your desired trade. As an apprentice you will spend 70-80% of your time learning on the job and the other 20-30% in technical training at a designated training institute. During your technical training (which takes place yearly) you will write an exam that will allow you to progress in your trade. Successful completion of these yearly exams results in increased wages and responsibilities.

Once you choose your pathway to apprenticeship and start working, you will be assigned an apprentice coordinator. This coordinator will register you as an official apprentice in New Brunswick, and you will be linked to a specific employer. Upon doing this, you will receive an apprenticeship log book. This book states the skills and hours an apprentice must acquire per level/block of training to keep progressing through their chosen trade. You will receive requests by mail to attend technical training (which both you and your employer will receive). You and your employer will also be notified of your block examination mark. Apprenticeship offers a great learning experience that keeps both the apprentice and employer accountable for their part to ensure successful completion to Red Seal certification.

So, what are you waiting for? If you’re a high school student be sure to register for a shop class. If you’re a new graduate with trades experience find an employer sponsor. If you are someone who is looking to enter a trades career path, but lack experience, be sure to register for a pre-employment course! If you are looking for guidance in any of these pathways be sure to reach out and we will help get you started in the right direction.


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