NBMAP Mentor Moment: Meagan Wood


Meagan Wood, Red Seal Journeyperson Pipefitter with Plumbers & Pipefitters Local 213, is currently employed as a Construction Coordinator through Worley at the Irving Oil Refinery. Meagan attended NBMAP’s M.E.N.T.O.R. Approach training in 2014.

Meagan feels “this program is a benefit to the employer and employees. The employer will benefit by having a more productive and safe work environment. The employees benefit by learning how to do jobs in the most effective manner. If we don’t take pride in teaching our young people the most professional, safe, productive way to work than we are setting up our future workforce for failure and I’m sure no one involved in this industry wants that.”

Tim Moore, Worley Site Manager at the Irving Oil Refinery, believes “mentorship is important to the trades because it’s a key component of transferring information to the next generation of skilled trade workers. Meagan has a lot of pride in what she does, and it motivates young people to achieve the same opportunity as her. She has always taken the time to attend any events to help promote the building trades in sharing her experiences. She not only takes the time to mentor apprentices, but she would mentor anyone who she thought she could help.”

Bronwyn MacVicar, Welding Apprentice with CFM describes Meagan as “an incredible mentor because of her willingness to go above and beyond in every aspect of the mentoring program, from her positive upbeat attitude, to sharing all her knowledge in the field. Her enthusiasm and motivation are what got me to where I am today. She gives/ gave me so much confidence, and I think that is a prime example of a mentor going above and beyond.”

Meagan fully supports the effort to train mentors to teach and guide apprentices or new workers effectively. “I have learned so much over the years and owe it to my peers and journeymen for all the little tricks and good safety practices I use to this day. One thing I love about working in the trades is that no matter what stage you are at in your career it is constantly changing and adapting. There isn’t a week that goes by that I haven’t learned something new.”

NBMAP is extremely proud of the dedication Meagan has demonstrated towards increasing mentorship as part of the workplace culture within her trade and continue to wish her well throughout her career!

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