The Master Mentor is a jobsite learning specialist who supports day-to-day Journeyperson - Apprentice training activities. They represent the "very best" of their field and actively transfer their competencies to apprentices.

The Master Mentor champions and participates in the delivery of MAP (Mentor Apprentice Program) training on jobsites. They are learning resources and coaches for other journeyperson mentors and apprentices on jobsites. They advocate for and monitor ongoing professional development of trade personnel.

The NB-MAP Master Mentor endorsement is achieved through the completion of a multi-tiered training and recognition program delivered by NB-MAP. Upon successful completion of the program, a Master Mentor can:

  • Coach other workplace mentors, and monitor their professional development
  • Provide learning strategies to overcome onsite barriers to learning
  • Work with supervision personnel to ensure positive mentor-apprentice matches
  • Monitor the training progress of apprentices onsite
  • Monitor the delivery of NB-MAP Mentoring Minutes
  • Liaise with NB-MAP in order to ensure ongoing MAP quality and impact