Girls & Women

New Boots: Progressing Women in Trades is a provincial network and resource hub that aims to promote, support and mentor women in non-traditional skilled trades sectors such as: construction, maintenance, manufacturing, automotive, truck and transport and forestry.

New Boots started in 2015 as a pilot project research initiative which followed 18 female apprentices across 9 skilled trades. The goal of the project was to better understand the challenges women face when entering a non-traditional skilled trade, to promote skilled trades as a viable career option for women and increase the participation of women in non-traditional skilled trades apprenticeships in New Brunswick. Due to the success of this pilot project, New Boots was developed into the provincial network it is known as today.


NEW BOOTS: A term commonly used in the construction industry to describe new apprentices on a job site.

New Boots is a network & resource hub for girls and/or women who are either:

  • Considering a career in a non-traditional skilled trade
  • A registered apprentice
  • A student enrolled in a skilled trades pre-employment program
  • A certified journeyperson

New Boots services include:

  • Connection to a network of females working in skilled trades
  • Mentoring from experienced tradeswomen
  • Resources, tools and/or referrals to appropriate services
  • Workforce support such as employment leads and resume building
  • Opportunities to get involved with community outreach

Do you need assistance? We can help!

  • Assistance exploring careers in a non-traditional skilled trade
  • Information about pre-employment skilled trades programs in NB
  • Information about the current job market in NB
  • Help finding employment in your region
  • Assistance with resume writing, networking, interview practice, etc.
  • Connection to a network of females working in trades
  • Volunteer participation in events featuring women in trades, such as luncheon, suppers, and conferences
  • Become a mentor for girls and women as a female apprentice or female journeyperson
  • Become a New Boots Ambassador (NBA) to help us promote careers in skilled trades to girls and women in exploration fairs and other similar events