Skilled Trades Exploration Program

With STEP,  New Boots aims to increase the participation of underrepresented groups in non-traditional skilled trades by registering new apprentices in the New Brunswick apprenticeship system.

The program aims not only to give New Brunswickers the opportunity to explore the skilled trades as part of a welcoming, stimulating and practical training program, but also to give them guaranteed work and apprenticeship opportunities when they have passed their classroom training successfully.

With our partners, Apprenticeship and Occupational Certification (AOC), Workplace Essential Skills (WES) and NBCC are developing a targeted program to explore skilled trades based on the needs of the NB labour market.

The STEP Coordinator will organize preliminary interviews for potential participants. Participants will be selected based on their interest in the skilled trades and their positive attitude.


The 16-week program will include:

  • workplace essential skills,
  • a math upgrade,
  • skilled trades exploration
  • safety training, professional development, and labor market information,
  • presentations by special guests, employer site visits and other activities

The training hours are accredited towards an apprenticeship. Employers will guarantee positions throughout the apprenticeship, to Red Seal Endorsement. Additional benefits will be specific to each employer.

The STEP coordinator will help employer partners to ensure the best possible transition from apprentices to the workplace. Participants will be helped to acquire safety shoes, basic tools and other personal protective equipment.

Apprenticeship coordinators will also work closely with employers to ensure that participants are registered and that journeyperson mentors know what skills are required for participants to be successful with each block.

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When I joined STEPW, I was actually looking at going back to school and trying to join the trades, but as a single mother it was daunting, and I didn't know where to start. This program came up and opened the door. It allowed me to come back.

Electrical Apprentice, NBSR

I love STEPW because it gives women an opportunity, a great opportunity. I would not be here if it wasn't for STEPW. I myself have a lot of men in the trades in my family, but I was never really able to get my foot in the door. It gives an opportunity for women to get a foot in the door.


Welding Apprentice, NBSR

It gave me the opportunity to really get my hands on the tools and get experiences with the different trades before stepping in the shop for the first time. Coming into the shop on my first day, I was a lot more comfortable and less intimidated the I would have been just coming in off the street.

Truck and Trailer Apprentice, UTT