From Our Participants

"I love this program and I am so proud that there is a program that no only helps but encourages females to be successful in the trades. I am fortunate to have a strong union backing me. I felt like a sister the day I stepped on the job. Unfortunately, I know that there are other trades where the experience of some of the other participants hasn't been so positive. This program is vital to their success. Like I said previously, New boots isn't just an initiative, It's a sisterhood. We come together like a family and lend each other support and cheer each other on. Some of the services may benefit other participants more than others but the experience alone is incredibly valuable and I am so grateful to have had the pleasure to participate."

New Boots Boilermaker Apprentice

"The STEPW program has been an amazing opportunity for me. I’ve gotten to meet some great people and I get an opportunity to start my career with the support of a great company. This has been a life changing opportunity for me and allowed me to start a career and show my daughter she can grow up and do anything she wants.”

STEPW Industrial Electrician Apprentice

New Boots has been absolutely pivotal for me in my career as a welder. I was lucky enough to be a graduate of pre-employment when New Boots was a pilot project. Like many other women going into the trades I found learning the language of tickets, blocks and everything very overwhelming. New Boots was there to help. When finding work was difficult, New Boots was able to point me to companies to apply with that I didn't even know hired my trade. And perhaps the most important thing about New Boots to me is the other women I have met in the trades that I can now reach out to. When you very rarely ever see another woman in your line of work it can be nice to just have spoken else who understands. But my favorite part of New Boots as a program is their focus on the next generation, getting out to high schools and even junior high and letting young women know it's possible. Because I wish someone had told ME that I could do this for a living when I was their age.

Welding Apprentice

"I believe this program is great for females entering the trades because they can receive advice and help to get them through." 

New Boots Apprentice

"I would just like to say that I really truly enjoyed being a part of this group. When I decided to go into trades it was a huge change from my human services career path. I was very nervous and expecting to be the only girl in school and at my job with support only from family and friends. I think this group helped me feel not so alone. It is terrifying walking into a company on your first day of work or onto a new jobsite and you are the only female. Everyone seems to be waiting to see you not be able to handle the task at hand and it takes a lot more proving yourself that it would if I was a male. I loved knowing that I wasn't the only one walking onto a jobsite being the first ever female to work with a lot of these tradesmen.


I also really appreciate these girls for doing their part in making tradeswomen more of a norm so that one day when one of us walks onto a jobsite there won't be a shock to the males on site and that we won't have people watching to see if we will fail or if we can manage to do our jobs properly. This program provides an amazing support group even though we don't communicate every day, it's still reassuring knowing that there are other women not too far away that are feeling the same way as I do sometimes."

New Boots Electrical Apprentice

"What I appreciated the most about this program was having other women to speak to and get things off my chest. Sometimes there are situations that no one outside of trades or working with almost all men would understand and this program gives you a chance to express those feelings and situations and have someone who understands listen to you."

New Boots Electrical Apprentice

From Our Employers

Tom Coughlan

"We have had great success with our female apprentices that have become skilled, competent and valued journeypersons in our company. They are great collaborators and communicators that are team oriented. Integrating a woman is not as big a deal as some may believe, and we feel that a diverse workforce is a strong workforce."

Tom Coughlan, Manager, Industrial Division, Marque Construction Limited

Rachelle Leblanc

"We have women in all levels of the company, whether it be management, engineering or skilled trades. We give equal chances to any applicant. In the past, we have had success with a female apprentice in carpentry that has become one of our trusted journeywomen. Women in skilled trades offer a great contribution to our team by their positive attitude, attention to detail, good time management and communication skills." 

Rachelle Leblanc, Project, Safety Coordinator with Acadian Construction

"Women make excellent tradespeople. They are reliable, detail oriented, focused, pay attention and have patience regardless the job. They are eager to contribute to the team equally by the quality and pride in their work."

Kim Blyth, Boilermaker Journeyman For Local 73

"I found that women in non-traditional skilled trades are more adaptable, understand and accomplish what they have set out and represent strong benefits to society along with economic growth in the community. It's a fact that women in trades are an increasing driving force in the Canadian economy."

Bruno Arseneault, Owner &President - Foxwoods Millwork Inc.

From Our Partners

"Women make up nearly half of the entire Canadian workforce, but the perception still exists that certain jobs - particularly those in the skilled trades - should only be done by men. In reality, women excel in all traditionally male-dominated careers. In partnership with New Boots: Progressing Women in Trades, we are able to promote all skilled trades opportunities by bringing tradeswomen into career exploration events with women and girls from around the Province. This partnership allows us to showcase tradeswomen and provides them an opportunity to network and share their passion with all girls and women.

Women’s Equality Branch, Government of New Brunswick