On November 7th, 2019 the construction trades in New Brunswick celebrated their long history of on-the-job mentorship and apprentice development at the NBMAP 5th Annual Distinction in Mentorship Awards Gala at the Lily Lake Pavilion in Saint John, NB.

This annual event brings special attention to the skilled tradespeople who dedicate each workday not only to producing high quality work safely, but also to mentoring, guiding and teaching the next generation of the construction workforce, their apprentices.

Get to know this year's award winners and nominees through the videos below.

The 2019 Distinction In Mentorship Awards Winners

Industry Champion

Chaleur Sawmills

NBMAP Industry Champions set the standard for excellence in workplace mentoring, safety and learning. Established in 1994, Chaleur Sawmills is an organization at the cutting edge of technology. With its dynamic and competent group of employees, Chaleur Sawmills has become one of the most efficient companies in the wood and lumber sector. With a focus on safety, quality, sustainability and continuous improvement, Chaleur Sawmills is an established industry leader with over 25 years of experience marketing lumber throughout North America.

"It was very important for Chaleur Sawmills to partner with NBMAP because we needed some expertise, and probably another set of eyes, to get us to realize how important it is for our journeymen to lead and to be safer on the job and to be ready to mentor," ~ Mario Arseneault, Public and Corporate Relations, Chaleur Sawmills.Chaleur Sawmills invested in their workforce by offering mentorship training to a diverse group of sawmill employees including electricians, millwrights, boilermakers, engineers, operations and custodial staff. They recognized the importance of skills and knowledge transfer from journeypeople to apprentices and took the necessary steps to ensure their crews were equipped with the training to effectively mentor future generations of sawmill employees. This organization has included a mentor program within their orientation process and truly are committed to integrating a mentorship philosophy throughout their entire workforce.

Master Mentor

Edgar Leblanc, Roofing Training Centre, E. Leblanc Roof Observer Ltd., Sheet Metal Workers Local 437

The Master Mentor embodies the qualities of effective workplace mentors everyday, and goes above and beyond in their dedication to apprentice development.

Edgar Leblanc is an experienced red seal Roofer and owner of E. LeBlanc Roof Observer Ltd. With over two decades of experience, he has taken on several leadership roles including an instructor position with the Roofing Training Centre in Saint John. He consistently provides advice, encouragement and mentoring to the apprentices within his trade. He is known for being a genuinely patient person who is focused on mentoring apprentices throughout the program.

"Edgar is a level-headed, patient and hard-working person. He reads people very well and will assist anyone that is trying. Edgar respects every apprentice and in turn they respect him." - Ron Hutton & Dave Mowbray

Outstanding Apprentice

Pascal Doiron, Automotive Service Technology Apprentice, JPS Garage, NBCC Moncton, Skills Canada New Brunswick

Pascal Doiron is an automotive service technology apprentice employed with JPs Garage in Dieppe. He is extremely passionate about his trade and prepared to discuss all things automotive even when he is not working or preparing to compete in competitions. He is truly committed to being one of the best and often puts in a full workday before returning home to further train in skills required for competition purposes. Pascal is known for never backing down from a challenge and attended his first national Skills Canada competition as a pre-employment student.

"Pascal is truly one of a kind in every way. Never have I had the opportunity to work with an apprentice who is so passionate about what he does, even when he is not working or competing Pascal is always talking about his trade." - Courtney Donovan & Lloyd Keirstead