The eligible nominee must:

  • be a certified journeyperson, actively mentoring apprentices on-the-job;
  • be nominated by two (2) references - at least one (1) nominator must have (or have had) a working relationship with the nominee, and no more than one (1) nominator may be a relative of the nominee;
  • completion of Mentorship Matters Mentor Training is preferred but not mandatory

The nominee will have distinguished him- or herself during his/her career through one or more of the following:

  • promotes and participates in apprenticeship training to prepare the next generation of skilled workers
  • offers support to apprentices as they strive for success by passing on his or her trade knowledge to his or her apprentices
  • participates in activities that encourage, motivate, and promote dedication and passion in a skilled trade
  • demonstrated qualities of outstanding leadership in safety, skill expertise, team building and collaboration
  • serves as a role model for success for young skilled tradespersons

Nomination Deadline:  September 12th, 2022

2021 Master Mentor winner Gene Cormier RSE

2021 Master Mentor Award Winner Gene Cormier-Red Seal Chef/owner Euston Park, Halo Donuts and Clos with Katelyn MacDonald of STEP/MAPSWS

The Master Mentor nominee will have made an outstanding contribution to the development and promotion of apprenticeship training for the skilled trades in New Brunswick.