Are You:

  • 18+ years old;
  • Considering a career in a skilled trade;
  • A student currently enrolled in a skilled trade pre-employment program;
  • A registered apprentice;
  • A certified journey person.


First In Trades is a provincial network and resource hub that aims to promote, support and mentor Indigenous apprentices while they pursue a career in the skilled trades.

How Fit Can Support

  • Employment leads, resume building, and interview practice.
  • Resources, boots, tools, and referrals to appropriate services.
  • Opportunities to get involved with community outreach.
  • Mentoring from experienced tradespeople.
  • Assistance exploring careers in the skilled trades.
  • Networking events (regional suppers, annual gathering, etc.).

Quick Facts

Skilled trades are occupations that require a special skill, knowledge, or ability. Specialized training typically includes a combination of 80% on-the-job training and 20% technical block training. Skilled trades usually fall within four main categories: construction, transportation, manufacturing, and service.

Apprenticeship is quality, affordable, post-secondary training that leads to certification as a journeyperson in a skilled occupation. It is the only career route where one can earn a wage while learning an occupation.

There are 50 apprenticeable occupations in New Brunswick. Most apprenticeship programs take two to four years to complete.

A Red Seal endorsement is the interprovincial standard which provides greater mobility for skilled workers across Canada. The Red Seal program allows qualified trades people to practice their trade anywhere in Canada where the trade is designated without having to write further examinations or attain additional certification.

First in Trades (FIT) is a pilot project funded by the Government of Canada's (ESDC) Union Training and Innovation Program (UTIP) and in partnership with the New Brunswick Building Trades Unions (NBBTU) and the Joint Economic Development Initiative (JEDI).